Bay of Fear - Kathryn Le Veque

Bay of Fear

By Kathryn Le Veque

  • Release Date: 2018-10-25
  • Genre: Historisch


A classic Medieval-Gothic love story complete with ghostly wanderings, a spooky castle, and a damsel in distress. Baiadepaura Castle on the storm-swept cliffs of Cornwall is a place where scary things go bump in the knight!


In the Dark Ages on a remote coast of Cornwall, there was a legend of a wicked lord who was boiled to death for his deeds. Everyone in Cornwall knows to avoid Baiadepaura Castle because of the ghostly happenings, said to be the spirit of Lord de Rais, who has returned to seek revenge for his grisly death.

But these are local legends, barely reaching the ears of the lord who now owns the property. The Earl of Avon has acquired the old castle and intends to use it as a base against the pirate raids his coastal properties are suffering. He sends his best knight to command the derelict old castle and make it a powerful outpost, a knight who gives no credence to the tales of ghosts and revenge. 

No-nonsense, seasoned knight Tenner de Velt is a grandson of the great Ajax de Velt (THE DARK LORD). Tenner comes from a family with its own horrific horror stories of the past, so tales of boiled lords and ghosts don't bother him in the least. He's thrilled to have his first real command and he intends to do himself proud by ridding the Avon properties of the pirates that plague them.

Accompanying Tenner is his new wife, Analyla St. Lo. Unlike her husband, Analyla believes the tales and she has more than one ghostly encounter but is reluctant to tell her doubting husband, fearful that the man she is falling in love with will believe her to be silly, or worse – believe she is mad. In keeping this information to herself, Analyla unknowingly makes it easy for the marauding pirates to take advantage of the legend of Baiadepaura Castle – and make Tenner a target.

Join Tenner and Analyla on the spooky, windswept shores of Cornwall as they battle ghosts, pirates, and at times, each other. But the passion between them is undeniable, and the love that blossoms is strong enough to fight off the darkness that threatens them both.

Light your candle, grab your good luck charm, and make way to Baiadepaura Castle for this unforgettable romance!